Rainbow Angel Hair

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Add pasta to a large pot of boiling water, stir after water boils, cook for 30 seconds – 1 minute or until desired tenderness. Do not overcook. Drain, toss immediately with your favorite Pasta Partners’ Sauce.

2 reviews for Rainbow Angel Hair

  1. Megan

    Got this a while back as a party favor and finally ate it tonight. I usually look at all these cutesy pastas as more of a novelty than anything. I have to say, this was definitely SO much better than the dried pasta from the grocery store. The texture was smooth, and it seemed much less dense and heavy. On top of that, it actually had flavor! Good flavor! Now I just have to decide if it’s good enough to warrant paying 5 times more than at the grocery store… It just may be.

  2. Icebear

    Icebear has been cooking this pasta since finding it tied with twine in a Homegoods store in NJ in Oct 2001. It was such a special treat during a hard time. After hoarding the final 2 of those 5 packs for a while we finally had to eat them and look for more. I made them for all my friends during college (who I believe may have been using me for “my special noodles” at some point) and made them through out my 30s and now beyond. My family is so glad Plentiful Pantry is still around through all these years.

    The pasta cannot be found in stores and is totally worth the cost because when you use the coupons (join the mailing list!) and the free shipping it totally evens out to store prices, and stores don’t even have tri-color angel hair. I have made gift baskets of these and friends always come to me to find out how to order from the company. Use this website for the best prices <3 Just toss it in the water and it is done in a few minutes! We do it for 5-6 minutes for softness.

    Icebear's Recipe: Olive oil or butter until shiny (not oily), parm cheese and garlic salt. Even Icebear's picky 4 year old baby who eats only 5 things LOVES these! They are also divine in the sauces from PP and red or white sauces in the jars 🙂 Thanks for the best pasta I have found in my life! ~Icebear

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